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Is an inspirational leadership program focused on transforming an organization from within. Emerge uncovers opportunity, increases awareness and clarifies goals so leaders and their teams can reach next level performance and sustain it.

Module 1. Awareness- 

This module focuses on Emotional Intelligence, Personal Style,
and Leadership Style.

2 day session:

– Emotional Intelligence results
– Personal Style Indicator Inventory results
– Leadership Style Inventory results
– 6 Fundamental Forces in Leading
– Action learning plans

1 individual coaching session with applicable participants: in depth look into Leadership Style assessment results formulate an individual action learning plan


Participants will experience increased effectiveness in their leadership, confidence in
their abilities, and clarity in their development goals while promoting increased individual
and organizational employee engagement.

Module 2. Strategic Planning-

This module focuses on Change Management, Effective Communication and Organizational Planning.

1 day session covering:

– identification of vision/ change targets within the organization
– identifying stages/ milestones
– assigning key roles to individuals
– engaging your front line staff through effective communication
– planning and developing success measurements


Participants will experience increased collaboration within their organization with
measurable progress, achieving key milestones within desired change initiatives.

Module 3. Communicating with Purpose

This module focuses on Instructional Style, and the Power of Effective Public Speaking, Facilitation and Training Delivery.

1 day session covers:

– interpreting Instructional Style Assessment results
– successful session planning
– verbal and non-verbal communication
– interaction skills
– stress management
– managing diverse personalities


Participants will facilitate and present with increased confidence, better able to inspire
their teams, providing respect for learning styles and increased engagement.


While the Emerge program is intended to be facilitated in its entirety, clients may choose
specific modules from within the program to be facilitated individually


Is a program designed for organizations looking to define, refresh or overhaul their internal culture. In depth group interactions inspire unity as the group collaborates on the most foundational elements of their organizational identity.

2 day session focuses on:
– determining the organization’s vision
– mission statement
– Values Preference Indicator results, determining organizational values
– Personal Style Indicator results
– how the team completes the picture
– establishing a culture of performance
– committed statement

leading for others

Is a focused seminar on self awareness, understanding and appreciation of others and engages participants in the tools, testing and temperament of leadership. This program is essential in ongoing training for existing leaders or as part of an introductory leadership training program.

– 4 hour workshop focusses on:
– Personal Style Indicator results
– Tools, Testing and Temperament in Leading
– Action learning plan


Is a seminar designed to assist leaders and individuals in their personal stress management and health planning. Balance helps uncover need and challenge response through positive habits.

4 hour workshop focuses on:
– Creating strong habits for health
– Stress Indicator and Health Planner results
– personal commitments

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