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Heartland CPAs engaged Embolden in September to work with us on team development. Ryan Ramsdale led a great session called “Fortify” on the Personal Style Indicator which gave each of our team members an unique look at how we interact with each other and our clients. Ryan took the time to understand our business and provided us with insightful comments on our vision statement and how we present ourselves to the marketplace. Ryan’s comments have helped us rework our vision statement and clarify what our three key principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality really mean to us and our clients. Since the session, our team has met several times to reflect on the Personal Style Indicator reports and to keep the things we learned from the session fresh in our minds. Heartland CPAs heartily recommends Embolden to any organization seeking to increase success in all relationships.  Adam Kilfoyle

Managing Partner, Heartland CPAs

Honest, passionate, genuine and authentic are just a few of top qualities that come to mind when I think about Ryan Ramsdale. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for more than four years, in his role as Operations Manager in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Above all else, I was impressed with Ryan’s ability to build strong, caring relationships with his team while maintaining a high level of integrity and direction. Ryan’s “Raise the Bar” attitude makes him very good at empowering, motivating and communicating with all stakeholders. He is very good at staying calm in the moment then working through his thoughts and strategically figuring out the best way to approach a situation. Ryan is always one to put his ideas forward, consider the feedback from his peers and adapt to the situation in a positive and forward thinking manner. His confidence, demeanour and ability to articulate the subject matter during presentations is exceptional. Any organization would be positively impacted to have Ryan on or interacting with their teams in a capacity as a manager or facilitator.  Kerry Hunt

Director, Operations - Retired, Shaw Communications

Attending one of the seminars has provided a greater insight to my own tendencies, as well as a better way in dealing with those around me. Ryan was a great facilitator, and I look forward to attending more of the available seminars. It is great value for what is learned. Bill Lakie

VP Operations

The Ryan & Keri team has given me inspiring insight into my approach to leadership, & guidance in relationship building, career building, & developing my team. Ryan’s coaching has helped empower me to confidently reach for my fullest potential. The tools used by Embolden provide a level of insight into interpersonal connections that I had never encountered before after using other similar assessments. They cater these tools to the unique needs, market, & vision of the individual leaders & teams they serve. I highly recommend looking into what Embolden Consulting can do for you & your business.

Jeri Stern


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INCREASED understanding in their LEADERSHIP STYLE


INCREASE in effectiveness in their professional and personal RELATIONSHIPS

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