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At embolden we strengthen and encourage people and organizations to accomplish meaningful discovery of their potential, through excellence in communication and measurable transformation.



We are dedicated to collaborating on our accountabilities; we listen to and respect one another’s opinions, resolving challenges peacefully.


We make decisions consistent with strong character; dedicated to steadiness through all types of challenges.


We pursue the things we cannot yet see; we celebrate, with gratitude, the things we achieve.


We consistently pursue new knowledge, refine existing skills and commit to the application of what we gain.

ryan ramsdale

Ryan is a highly motivated, results oriented people leader who engages teams and individuals with enthusiasm. With a talent for gathering teams around a vision, he is passionate about training and facilitation of group discussions that include innovation, the improvement of processes, gains in efficiency and increased employee engagement.

As a coach Ryan has a track record for helping others uncover what motivates them to become confident in any area of life. He has helped individuals reach their potential, find fulfillment and produce greater outcomes.

Ryan is a strategic thinker with a high sense of loyalty which drive him to innovate and collaborate to produce business results. With 10 years in Operational Leadership, Ryan lead multiple change initiatives with high employee engagement, resulting in 40% increase in productivity contributing to multi-million dollar revenue growth.

As a speaker Ryan has a balanced instructional style, talented at providing clear instructions and expectations for learners to follow. Ryan blends humour with a clear focus on classroom time to maximize learning outcomes. He has challenged individuals to accomplish their best in post secondary, private industry and non-profit sectors for over 10 years.

keri ramsdale

Bio to come.

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